6 Basic Shoe Styling Tips You Need To Know In 2023

As the old saying goes, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes. If true, you must pay your utmost attention while choosing the perfect pair.

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”- Coco Chanel.

Your shoes represent your journey, and they define your one true style. If you find styling your shoes too intimidating, then we are here to help you with six basic shoe styling tips that you can follow with your favorite pair of affordable shoes for women.

Be comfortable

No matter how good a pair of shoes look on a website or the store rack, they are only for you if they’re comfortable. Go for a pair of shoes that is comfortable to wear. You want to avoid ending up maintaining your balance every time you start to walk. Hobbling around in a pair of high hills is never a good look.

Consider wearing flats while taking a run for your day-to-day chores. T-strap flats are the ultimate comfort wear. They are often available in different colors and details to elevate your style, even in the most casual and comfortable outfits.

Sneak into some sneakers

Sneakers are no longer just men’s territory. To be honest, they have never been. If you love wearing jeans, then affordable women’s sneakers will be a perfect pair for you.

If you are up for experimenting, pair them with a dress or skirt for the perfect summer look. You can also add fun to your old pair of sneakers with different laces.

Heels are a woman’s best friend

You can never pass on a good pair of heels while getting ready for a date or a party. Perfect for every occasion, a stylish pair of heels can be an ideal addition to any outfit.

They will perfectly go with some jeans or a beautiful cocktail dress. Heels will amp up your style quotient with their immense glamor. They are a great way to look glamorous and elegant at the same time.

Seasonal style

Remember to style for the occasion and season when styling your shoes. You must follow it to avoid any fashion blunder or an uncomfortable outing.

In summer, go for a beautiful pair of sandals, and in winter, show off your oozing style with a good pair of comfy yet stylish women’s boots. Always carry a perfect blend of style and comfort while choosing a pair of shoes for your outfit.

Find the perfect combination

Always let your outfit determine your choice of shoes. They are some shoes that go along with every type of dress, but in many cases, you need a pair that perfectly complements your dress.

Sneakers go well with jeans and even skirts but not with gowns. Similarly, heels may look good on jeans and gowns, but they will never be a good choice for a skirt.

For formals with style

Whether you are delivering an important presentation or going to an important work event, investing in a stylish pair of formals is always an intelligent choice.

You may already have some everyday formal shoes for work, but a stylish pair of formal shoes with a well-tailored suit will be a great choice. If you are dressing to impress, then formal shoes are a must-have.


Picking up the right pair to go along with your outfit is a choice you must make every day. We hope the information mentioned above has helped make this decision much easier for you. Follow these tips to keep your style game always on.