5 Virtual Jobs That Are Adapting During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic this 2020 has caused a severe and well-documented impact on the working population. This was a time of fear and uncertainty, and many people lost their jobs and were out of work for months on end. It had a huge impact on people’s daily lives, and the world’s economy in general.

Because of the pandemic, entrepreneurs were forced to allow their employees to work from home. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the business continues to operate without the need to compromise employees’ safety. Most businesses around the world aren’t allowed to operate physically, which is why offering virtual jobs to employees is the best way to go.  They can work, relax and enjoy options like UWatchfree and be more productive.

Listed below are five virtual jobs that are actually adapting during the pandemic:

1. Virtual Fashion Jobs

Even if people around the world aren’t allowed to go out, the fashion industry is still thriving. In fact, there are a lot of virtual fashion jobs that have been in demand because of the pandemic, namely:

  • Virtual showroom designer

Fashion brands have coped with the times and started offering virtual showrooms to their loyal customers. These showrooms are actually interactive, digitally-rendered spaces where interested buyers can browse through different apparels online.

As more and more fashion brands provide virtual showrooms to their customers as a response to the pandemic, virtual showroom designers have been in demand. This kind of job involves designing online shopping spaces that are meant to offer a flawless and unique customer experience that rivals that of physical showrooms.

  • CGI artist

The term Computer Generated Imagery or CGI is no longer new as this technique has been used in movies for years. However, because of the pandemic, CGI has become common in the fashion industry. Fashion magazines have been publishing their material in digitized versions using CGI instead of scheduling photoshoots with models and physically producing copies of the magazine.

  • Customer experience manager

A lot of people are scared to go out as they don’t want to catch the virus, which is why they would rather do their shopping online. However, this influx of online buyers can cause delays in e-commerce sites and can adversely affect the experience of customers.

Customer experience managers are, therefore, in need because of the pandemic as they can anticipate problems and come up with possible solutions before customers can even complain about them. Several fashion brands have employed customer experience managers to ensure that they can provide an excellent buying experience to customers.

2.  Online Recruiters

As mentioned, many businesses aren’t allowed to operate through a brick-and-mortar store, which is why entrepreneurs are doing business virtually. Aside from taking orders and responding to customer complaints, companies are also recruiting applicants online. This is one of the reasons why online recruiters are thriving during the pandemic.

Online recruiters work by posting job ads, answering emails, and researching candidates using the internet. Also called as virtual recruiters, online recruiters specialize in a particular niche and then look for applicants who are qualified to work on that niche. Most online recruiters work for the technology, management or banking industries.

Online recruiters heavily rely on the internet for their jobs, which is why they’re able to continue working during the pandemic. As long as they have access to a fast and secured internet connection, you can expect that these online recruiters will continue to thrive for years.

3. Virtual Customer Service Representatives

Customers are vital for every business. Without them, businesses won’t thrive or even continue operating. And even if businesses provide the best products and services, some customers are still unhappy with what they’re getting, motivating them to call the company’s customer service representatives or CSRs.

Customer service representatives have existed even before the pandemic started, but as businesses started to sell products and services online, this job is becoming more popular. Virtual customer service representatives work by interacting with customers using a mobile phone or computer or laptop. This job heavily requires different types of communication tools to ensure that calls with customers are recorded and addressed.

Businessman on video call in contemporary office

4. Virtual Graphic Designers

Because customers are choosing to buy online nowadays, businesses have to adapt to these needs and invest in digital marketing strategies. Businesses have to spend resources to ensure that they can successfully create a strong online presence—and this is something virtual graphic designers can help with.

Virtual graphic designers are successfully adapting to the pandemic as more businesses require their skills. They are responsible for creating different marketing materials such as logos, infographics, and pop-up ads for businesses that want to stand out online.

5. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing is a common strategy among many businesses but because of the surge of customers relying on e-commerce these days, digital marketing is now a necessity for businesses.

The success of businesses during the pandemic depends on their digital marketing strategies, which is why they would often choose to hire professionals to do the job rather than attempt to create digital marketing strategies on their own. The need for businesses to improve or create robust digital marketing campaigns is the reason why digital marketing managers are becoming popular during the pandemic.

Digital marketing managers have a lot of things on their plate but their major responsibilities include testing new digital tools and platforms, maximizing web analytics to determine site traffic, and tracking customers’ purchasing behaviors online. Digital marketing managers work and communicate with entrepreneurs using online tools and apps, allowing them to remain safe while working.

Consider Your Options

For many, the pandemic left a negative impact in their lives; but for some businesses, it opened up countless opportunities for them. The pandemic even allowed some small businesses to stand out from the competition and earn huge profits.

If you lost your job because of the pandemic, consider applying for the virtual jobs mentioned in this article. Working remotely might be new to you, but with a little determination, securing any of these jobs might finally become your ticket to survive the pandemic.