5 Tips to Keep Your New RV Clean & Scratch Free

Your RV was a substantial purchase. Whether you use it year-round or seasonally, you want to keep it looking its best for years to come. It will take effort to protect the outside of your RV. You may even want to look into a car cover bag to preserve the finish. A clean RV maintains its value better and it’s easier to spot potential problems on a clean RV. Here are our five tips for maintaining your RV.

  1. Plan ahead for washing and cleaning to make sure you have enough space, water and equipment to clean your RV.
  2. Use the right cleaner for the job. Some cleaners may damage the coating or decals on your RV.
  3. Don’t use a high-pressure washer unless you have experience. The high pressure can peel off decals and destroy silicone seals if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  4. Start at the top and work toward the ground. Let gravity give you a cleaning boost. Don’t forget the undercarriage.
  5. Use a cover when your RV is parked and not in use.

A California Car Duster works great on your RV, just as it would on your car or truck. The paraffin wax-coated cotton filaments don’t scratch the vehicle’s surface. If you take care of your car duster, it will last 15 years or longer. You can use your car duster on all your vehicles, which makes it an investment in maintenance to preserve the value of all your wheels.

How Do Trailer Covers Protect Your Vehicle?

Custom trailer covers are more expensive than tarps, but they offer more protection against the elements in multiple ways. Tarps are more readily available, but they are made of cheap material that can retain moisture and heat. Using a tarp instead of an RV cover is like covering your RV with a trash bag, although a thick one. When moisture builds up under the tarp, it can lead to mold or mildew. In addition, tarps use metal grommets, which can scratch the finish of the RV. RV covers are designed with connectors that won’t damage the surface of the RV. Tarps will fray in the wind, whereby a well-made RV cover is designed to stand up to the elements.

How to Properly Use a Car Bubble

A car bubble is a capsule that protects the car from harm. You drive your car onto the basemat, attach the fan, zip up the top cover and plug it in. The bubble expands around your car, protecting it from impacts, elements, dust and other environmental hazards. The bubble has a circulating fan that helps to control the moisture in the bubble. The temperature inside the bubble remains constant and is consistent with the outside air, preventing moisture from building up on the vehicle. You can use your car bubble for long-term storage or for temporary storage. It takes a few minutes for the fan to expand the bubble, but once it’s blown up, your vehicle is protected.

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