5 Things you should do to get your partner in the mood

When in a relationship, rarely will both partners be in the mood for something intimate. This shouldn’t be strange because human wants are different and people have different issues affecting them. Usually, men have a bigger sex drive than women, so it’s likely they will be in a sexual mood more than their partners. 

Irrespective of the gender that is moody, you should always set your partner in the right mood. If you need some help getting your partner in the right mood, here are some appropriate things you should do.

Revert to the basics

It will be a bad idea if you underrate the strength in making out. More women get turned on through kissing and cuddling. Kissing works wonders and is a step towards any intimate relationship. If your partner isn’t in the mood for anything, start by kissing her. Kissing isn’t just about attacking the mouth, you can attach other sensitive points such as the navel, nipple and neck.

A surprise date

More than 80% of women will admit that a romantic night’s dinner will ensure they are in the right mood. For men, this should be around 75%. The reason behind this is that fun dinner dates can bring out many emotions. Expensive dinner isn’t important, it is the intent that matters. 

It doesn’t matter if you are good with meals or not, just try your best. When you do something unexpected, your lover will appreciate it. If your partner is available, cooking meals together is a good idea.

Start dirty talk

While not everybody is good with naughty talks and sexual innuendos, this is an ideal way to get your partner in the mood. Saying the right speeches can put your partner in a good mood. Saying filthy things like how you are going to spank her in her ass tonight will work. You don’t need to be shy about using sex-related words, the idea is getting her to be off-mood.

Wear kinky clothes 

When your man is down due to various factors like illness, finances or work stress, your clothing can go a long way to change their mood. There are some sexy clothesline g-strings and lingerie which can be worn around the house, even something more exciting like the adult clothing available at www.bondagehood.co.uk. Slipping into apparel that shows flesh will lift your partner’s moods as men are attracted by what they see. Going nude will be too obvious, just wearing scanty clothing around your home will signal to your partner their attention is needed. 


With the various mood swings apparent in many partners, lifting their moods might be difficult. However, the above tips have stated some ways you can set your partner’s mood.