5 Outfits to Pair With a Kimono

In the summertime, it can be difficult to style cute outfits. Adding layers to your outfits can quickly make you feel a little too warm. Instead of a sweater or knit cardigan, a great alternative option that is just as stylish is the kimono. Kimonos are perfect for layering in the warmer months. They add an extra element of style and color to your outfit while also keeping you cool. The material of kimonos is thin and lightweight, allowing for a lot of breathability. Your body will easily stay cool and comfortable when wearing a kimono.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of five outfits you can pair with a kimono. In addition to recreating these outfits exactly as stated, they’re also meant to inspire you to make kimono-centered outfits yourself. Keep reading to see some of our favorite kimonos and outfits.

Grace Cropped Kimono

For this outfit, you’ll need the Grace Cropped Kimono, one of our most stunning Johnny Was kimonos that is made of 100% linen and shows off colorful floral embroidery on the back. This cropped kimono gives off an elegant, boho vibe. We recommend pairing white paper bag pants and a white crop top with this kimono. Monochrome outfits are very in style, and the embroidery throughout the kimono will add the pop of color that ties the whole outfit together. Add a pair of sandals or flats to have the most stylish all-white outfit you’ve ever worn.

Fern Danica Kimono

For this next outfit, you’ll need a bright patterned kimono, and our favorite kimono that fits into this category is the Fern Danica Kimono. This reddish-orange kimono is speckled with realistic fern patterns and has wide bell sleeves. Wearing the Fern Danica Kimono feels like a summer hug. Pair this stunning kimono with a solid-colored maxi dress to highlight the contrast between the dress and the kimono. The Fern Danica Kimono adds all the character you need to any outfit.

Weller Tia Kimono

For a more casual outfit, get out a cute camisole and your favorite pair of denim shorts to go with the Weller Tia Kimono. This kimono is made of 100% silk and goes perfectly with denim shorts for a casual and chic summer look. The Weller Tia Kimono combines a black and gold Aztec pattern with big, colorful florals to make a perfectly versatile patterned look. The silk fabric of this kimono can transform the casual look of your camisole and denim shorts into an elegant summer outfit.

Anjola Sicily Kimono

This outfit is perfect for when you want to wear jeans and a plain tee shirt, but you also want to add more style to your outfit. Get out your favorite pair of jeans, tuck in a plain colored tee shirt, and put on the beautiful Anjola Sicily Kimono on top. The Anjola Sicily Kimono is made of 100% silk, so it will last you a long time, no matter how much you wear it. This kimono displays flattering three-quarter sleeves and goes down to mid-calf. Give your outfit the perfect summer vibe by adding the Anjola Sicily Kimono to any plain outfit. Pair this outfit with a cute pair of strappy sandals, and you have yourself the most stunning summer outfit that will keep you cool and fashionable.

Faye Kimono

If you’re looking for a more neutral-colored outfit, then you’ll absolutely fall in love with the Faye Kimono. This kimono is made of off-white 100% linen and is patterned with delicate paisley motifs in a tan shade. The Faye Kimono has lined cuffs and a relatively boxy fit for a casual, neutral look. When styling the Faye Kimono, grab a pair of tan or beige paper bag pants and a white camisole or tee shirt. Tuck in your shirt, put on some cute sandals, and finish off your look with the Faye Kimono. This outfit will look absolutely stunning, as all the colors will match well together. If you like the neutral look but want to add a pop of color, consider adding a bright handbag. The Faye Kimono is perfect for adding a layer to your outfit while staying cool in the heat.


To summarize, here are the five outfits we have styled to make your life easier and more stylish:

  • Grace Cropped Kimono, white paper bag pants, white crop top
  • Fern Danica Kimono, solid-colored maxi dress
  • Weller Tia Kimono, denim shorts, plain camisole
  • Anjola Sicily Kimono, denim jeans, plain tee shirt
  • Faye Kimono, beige paper bag pants, white camisole

We hope this article has inspired you to design your own outfits with kimonos. With kimonos, you’ll find that it’s super easy to add layers to your outfit even when the weather is warm. Kimonos are made of lightweight, breathable fabric, and once you put one on for the first time, you’ll never want to take it off.