5 Great Health Benefits Of CBD Tinctures

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical found in marijuana that contains lots of health benefits. This chemical is of course, different from THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is the chemical responsible for the high you get when you smoke or consume marijuana.

These days, CBD products are everywhere and just about everything that has CBD in it sells out from store shelves. CBD products are not even just made for human consumption. Even pets have their own CBD pet treats that are helpful in alleviating and improving the health of pets.


So why are people going crazy over CBD products, especially tinctures? Well, because many positive testimonials have been made by a lot of people so the good word has spread. There are many benefits to be found from CBD tinctures although further research is needed. The cannabis and CBD market specifically is a young market and with strict government laws, in-depth research has been difficult to do.

However, this has not hindered enthusiasts in researching and here are some of the great benefits of CBD tinctures:

1. Relieves pain and inflammation

The most common reason people use CBD tincture is to relieve pain and inflammation. To do this, the CBD tincture is taken sublingually or through drops under the tongue. The key is finding the right dosage to relieve the pain. The dosage is adjusted by simply limiting the drops administered.

CBD tinctures are effective for pain relief because they bind with the body’s endocannabinoid system and affects the body’s neurotransmitters that are responsible for pain. It also lessens the inflammation by interacting with the body’s immune response. CBD is effective in relieving chronic pain, and pain related to arthritis and more.  Check out this link to see top CBD sellers https://www.healthcanal.com/best-cbd-oil/near-me.

2. Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is the most common response of this generation to many things including stress, socio-economic stability of the country, political problems, and mental issues. In fact, anxiety disorder is now a medical condition that is characterized by excessive sweating, palpitations, and feeling apprehended due to even the most simple and mundane daily tasks.

CBD tinctures help in reducing anxiety in many of its users by administering drops of it under the tongue. It calms you down by lessening your brain’s neurotransmitter activity and making you feel relaxed. Many users have likened the body’s response akin to that of taking a warm bath.

Scientifically, CBD works by lowering the heart rate of the user and easing all the other symptoms. As for the dosage needed to be administered, it differs from one person to another. Asking help from a professional should help you find the right dosage to administer for your personal use.

3. Anti- Seizure properties

As featured on many health programs, CBD has helped many patients deal with seizures and has greatly improved their life. In a published medical journal, it was revealed that CBD has positive effects in limiting the occurrence of seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome by 38.9%.

A seizure occurs when there are sudden drops or a rise in the brain’s electrical activity. CBD helps ease and limit the seizure by interfering and normalizing the brain’s electrical activity. As seen on many patients with disorders that exposes them to seizure, CBD has helped in improving their health so they can live a normal life.

4. Reduces Acne

CBD tincture can also be used as a topical treatment for people with acne problems. Acne occurs when the skin’s sebaceous glands are infected and inflamed. It is seen as red pimples on the face that are prevalent to teenagers and young adults.

The CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect helps reduce the swelling if the sebaceous gland and it also reduces their oil production which is often the reason they get infected. Too much oil production attracts dust and dirt to the face that results in clogged pores and infection, thus getting acne.

So in addition to your daily face cleansing, applying CBD would help get rid of acne.

5. Healthy heart benefits

CBD has shown promise in promoting heart health and the circulatory system in general by lowering the blood pressure. It is able to do this because of the CBD’s ability to lower anxiety and stress that in turn, lowers the blood pressure.

In addition to CBD’s anti-anxiety capacity, the presence of powerful antioxidants in CBD has also reduced cell damage from age in the heart thus, promoting heart health.


CBD has proven to be effective for some people to relieve specific ailments. However, the lack of scientific research has stopped many people from trying many of the CBD products available in the market.

The prevalence of misleading and fraudulent CBD products has not helped the case as well. So for consumers who are interested in trying CBD products or CBD tinctures, in particular, make sure that you choose a high-quality product from trusted manufacturers.