5 Best Ways to Use Your Grill in 2021

Grilling in the great outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures once the summer season comes. It’s also one of the easiest ways to cook flavorful and spectacular meals for you and your family.

You can spice up this cooking process and make your dishes taste even more splendid. For some of us, we associate grills mostly with burgers and hot dogs, but there are so many refreshing foods and methods to diversify your BBQ experience. As 2021 comes, you might want to equip your outdoor kitchen with many helpful tools such as cedar planks or grill baskets to worry less about cleaning and have more time to catch the sun rays. Take your grilling techniques to the next level in 2021 by implementing some ideas from below.

1.  Switch To Cedar Planks for Flavourful Meals

Cedar Planks can be a real lifesaver not only when it comes to making the taste of your grilled goodies divine but also to keep your outdoor kitchen neat and clean. In 2021, we no longer want to spend endless hours polishing our grill grates! Cooking smart means finding ways to save time on less enjoyable matters and indulge entirely in the process of grilling.

How to use them? You want to soak your cedar planks in wine, sake, cider, or water 2 hours before grilling. Heat your BBQ, then place them on the grill grates, and set the temperature to medium. Now place your favorite meat or fish on the plank and close the grill. Check every 5 minutes for satisfying results.

There are several types of cedar planks available on the market. You can either invest in wooden ones or look for disposable options. So what are the main benefits of this BBQ technique? This practice demands less oil to grill your veggies and meat, creating a healthier dish alternative. What’s more, the wooden cedar planks add a unique flavor to white meats, defining the taste and making the flavor of your chicken special. If you are looking for some compelling grill gadgets, you can check https://outdoorcookingpros.com to find many useful tools and step up your outdoor cooking game.

2.  Use Your Grill As Pizza Oven

Another slightly surprising idea for your grill is to use it as a pizza oven. Yes, you’ve heard that right! You can actually make pizza using your roast. The key to your perfect BBQ pizza is to grill the meat topping separately, as well as the dough (you might want to make it a bit thicker to prevent it from sticking between the grill grates.), and place the sauce and the ingredients once your pizza base is ready. Lastly, you want to turn the temperature from medium to low to let the cheese and the ingredient juices soak through. Depending on the components, you might want to adjust the temperature to the type of meat and veggies you are planning to include.

3.  Bring Some Sweetness to the Table

Have you ever thought about preparing some sweet and delicious meals on your grill? Me neither. Surprisingly, grilling can make the desserts taste out of this world. This trend will become even more popular in 2021. During warm scorching hot summers, we might want to try more refreshing alternatives to grilled meat.

Grilled nectarines or pineapples seasoned with rosemary or sprinkled with macadamia nuts can be an amazing addition to a cheese plate served with wine. The heat will not only make the fruit soft but also add caramelized sweetness to the flavor, creating the perfect balance between sweet and pungent.

4.  Make Your Fish Juicy With a Foil Packet

Seafood enthusiasts might find it challenging to keep fish moist while grilling. Also, as the skin sticks to the grate, it might get hard to flip it and only cause a huge mess. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your fish juicy and your grill clean. Try foil packets! As the temperature rises, the steam will extract the juices from the fish, making it soft and moist. You might also want to leave the skin so that the fillet stays firm.

5.  Use Grill Baskets to Cook Comfortably

Grill baskets are an easy to use tool to significantly speed up the cooking process. With a simple twist or shake (depending on the type of basket), you can flip your food and not burn yourself as sometimes happens. You can simply prepare all the ingredients you are planning to include in your dish and place them into the basket. A basket is a perfect option for grilling vegetables without them getting lost in between the grates – especially if you want a great and stress-free alternative to a dry veggie shish kebab.


As the warmer months are coming, we might want to try something new this season. First of all, it is time to cook smart – don’t make a huge mess while grilling and spend the time you save actually socializing with your guests and spending time with your family.

Foil packets or cedar planks will keep your cooking space clean, and your bbq taste divine. Don’t hesitate to try some refreshing and sweet dish alternatives to amaze your guest’s taste buds. Grilled fruits can be an excellent addition to summer beverages or can be served as a healthier dessert option. Stay creative and open to new flavors to make this grilling season special.