3 Things You Should Know About CBD Edibles

Cannabis products are slowly pushing past the stigma that surrounded this plant for decades. Entire countries are changing their laws to legalize marijuana and cannabis-derived products for both medical and recreational purposes. CBD edibles are just one of the products that have become popular over the years, and today we’ll discuss 3 things you need to know about them!

CBD Edibles Can Help With Anxiety

One of the great things about CBD is that it can help treat anxiety in the right doses. In fact, using CBD to take the edge off of your anxiety is most likely far healthier than using conventional medication. More importantly, there is no strict limit on how often you can consume CBD edibles, or how much you can take at any given time.

Initial studies have shown that large doses of CBD can have an immediate effect on reducing anxiety, easing some symptoms of depression, and generally help the user deal with stress. That being said, it’s always recommended that you start dosing yourself in small, manageable increments until you find the right formula for you.

CBD Edibles VS THC Edibles

CBD Edibles VS THC Edibles

It’s a common misconception that THC edibles and CBD edibles are the same. That’s far from the truth. This article shows the difference between the two and just how far you can go with CBD alone. THC and CBD are both present in cannabis and are both responsible for different beneficial properties of cannabis.

However, THC is a psychoactive substance, while CBD is not. By removing THC from the equation, you are left with a product that won’t get you high nor does it have to be regulated in most places. CBD products are often sold over the counter due to the extremely low trace levels of THC.

CBD Edibles Come In Different Shapes

When people think about CBD edibles, they usually think in terms of gummy bears or similar products. While gummies are by far one of the most popular formats of CBD edibles, they are only the beginning. When you scratch the surface, you’ll find a whole world of CBD-infused food products.

Anything from sodas to CBD-infused dried meats such as jerky is available for consumption. There’s also CBD-infused honey for those with a sweet tooth who prefer a more natural treat. The only thing to watch out for with different CBD edibles is how much you’re paying per milligram of CBD. Different brands run different dosages, so pay attention to the label before you order anything.

The Future of CBD Edibles

With CBD edibles becoming more and more popular across a wider market, we’re fully expecting to see a diverse array of new products appearing in the next few years. Major players have entered the game with their own formulas derived from proprietary strains, giving CBD a whole new dimension aside from measured potency.

CBD edibles of tomorrow will most likely be much more potent as well considering the direction the latest research has been pointing at. Either way, we’re in for a ride!