10 simple tips of steaming face

Step up your skin-care resume without having to break your bank. Steaming the face is a skin treatment DIY. It cleanses your face, increases blood flow and makes it look and feel luxurious.

Steam with the addition of extra perspiration dilates your blood vessels while increasing your blood circulation. More oxygen is delivered to your face making it glow. You end up with a pleasant natural-looking result. Using steam opens up the pores and releases acne-causing cells.

It hydrates your skin; releases trapped sebum and removes dead skin cells. Anything that’s clogging the pores also gets removed. Steam works like a hydrating agent for your face naturally moisturizing your face. It promotes collagen which makes your skin stay healthier and better looking.

If you are considering to try face steaming techniques, here are 10 simple tips that will come in handy. These will work on almost all of the steaming techniques you can find.

1. Preparation

Hydrate yourself. Before exposing your skin towards any kind of heat drink water and hydrate yourself and the skin. Dry dehydrated skin can get easily damaged.

2. Cleanse your face

Clean your face with a cleanser. You can go for a mild exfoliator too. It helps you benefit from all the rewards steaming has to provide.

3. During steaming keep eyes closed

There are risks of irritating the eyes while steaming. Keep it closed for safety measures. Your eyelids will also benefit from the steaming. It’s also more comfortable this way.

4. Position your face at least 6inches away

You can cause skin damage and skin burn if you get too close to the steam source. Let your skin guide you and be in a comfortable distance. Keep a minimum of a 6-inch difference. Considering the intensity of the heat, you might have to put your face further away

5. When using a facial steamer follow the directions

Different facial steaming devices have different ratings. Read the instructions carefully to avoid accidental skin damages.

6. After done with steaming rinse using lukewarm water

Your skin gets extra sensitive after using the steaming techniques. You have to approach carefully how you rinse and what you rinse your face with. Do not irritate your skin by rubbing too hard. Be gentle.

7. Apply moisturizers

A great time for anti-aging cream or any good motorizes. Steaming increases your skin’s absorption capabilities. Using a good cream afterward increases the efficiency while locking the good effects.

8. Try massages

Gentle face massage further enhances the effects of face steaming. Use your fingers, massage your face and neck gently. Use upward strokes and circular motions.

9. Use the right towel

After steaming it is important to not use the generic rough towels to dry your face. You need a soft face towel that does not damage the skin. Micro-fiber towels are a good consideration. The best towels for face will always have a softer feel to it.

10. Stay cool

After you are done applying a moisturizer, dry your hair if it got wet and stay under a cool environment to let the cream do its job and have a better result after face steaming.