10 Safety Equipments For Babies

As parents, one of the jobs in caring for your baby is keeping them safe. Babies do not yet have the developmental ability and body control to stay out of harm’s way, so parents have to make baby safety a number one priority.

Once babies become mobile and begin to crawl and walk, keeping your baby safe can be challenging and an overwhelming experience for parents if they do not have the right equipment ready at home. It does not have to be, though.

From feeding to sleeping, and all that is in between, below you can find a list of the top equipment to consider for your home to help keep your baby safe during all the special moments you will share.

Safety Equipment For Babies

Baby Cot

Creating healthy sleeping habits for your baby is very important for their safety and growth. Choosing the right cot can help with that. Consider purchasing a cot that can grow with your baby from newborn to toddler years. Cots are safe when they have a flat, firm mattress and are free of extra bedding and loose toys. A safe cot should be made with nontoxic paint and have smooth edges.

Bath Tub

Bath time should be a calm, fun experience for both babies and parents. Most importantly, bathtime needs to be safe. It is best to wash babies in a baby bathtub where they can lay safely and sit up as they grow. At times, babies may not be willing to cooperate during bathtime, so be sure to have a secure baby bathtub. To make bath time easier for mom and dad, consider using a bath stand for your tub.


Keep your baby safe and close by when out walking, shopping, or doing chores around the house with a baby carrier. Babies love to be close to their parents. With a baby carrier, your baby can safely snuggle up to you while you can complete the things you need to get done.


As your baby grows and becomes more curious and adventurous, it is smart to have a playpen on hand. Playpens allow babies the space they need to play and explore toys while ensuring they are in a safe spot and can not wander towards any danger. Playpens come in different varieties. When shopping for a playpen, you will want to choose one that is sturdy, secure, and easy to assemble.

Portable Swings

A baby swing is a place for your baby to find relaxation and calm. Find a swing that fits in your home that moves from room to room. A portable swing allows babies time to relax while you get tasks on your to-do list completed. A safe swing will be able to recline, be equipped with proper harnesses and shoulder straps, and will not fold or collapse easily.

Home Safety Equipment

It is wise to begin baby-proofing your home before the arrival of your newborn. Make a list of problem areas in your home that could put your baby in danger. These areas include stairs, outlets, and cabinets. Secure these problem areas with gates, plug covers, and cabinet latches. Simple steps like these will ensure your baby is protected when she starts to crawl and walk.

High Chairs

Healthy eating habits also include making sure your baby has a safe place to eat. Babies are ready for the highchair when they can sit up straight on their own, unassisted. A safe highchair will not tip over easily. If it is a foldable chair, it should be able to lock in place so that it does not collapse. High chairs should have safety straps that include straps that go over your baby’s shoulder and between your baby’s legs. High chairs should be placed in a safe place and never put near a counter.

Bottle Sterilizer

When your baby begins bottle feeding, your bottle parts must be kept clean and free of bacteria. Bottles can become breeding grounds for bacteria that can make your baby very sick when not cleaned properly. It is essential to have a bottle sterilizer to keep bottles and bottle parts clean.

Car Seats

All babies and toddlers should remain in rear-facing car seats until they reach the maximum weight and height of their specific car seat instructions. Statistics show babies in rear-facing car seats are better protected if they are in an accident. Many infant car seats are convertible and will grow with your baby into the toddler years.

Changing Tables

Not only can changing a baby be difficult once they start rolling, but it can also be dangerous when done in an unsafe place. Therefore, equip your baby’s nursery with a changing table to allow for easy, accessible changing. Changing tables are beneficial because they provide a safe place for your baby to lay during diaper and outfit changes. Changing tables also come with space to put all the changing essentials needed, so you don’t have to reach for diapers or leave your baby unattended while you find diapers and wipes.

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