10 of the Best Christmas Ideas for Her

Christmas is a memorable holiday, and the most exciting part about it is the presents you get. But don’t forget about the present you have to give.

Gift shopping is the most exciting job for some people, but it can be nerve-wracking for some. If you fall into the latter category, you probably have trouble shopping for your friends and family. But when it comes to the most special woman in your life, be it your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or mother, putting in some extra effort will make their day.

So here are the ten best Christmas ideas for her that will definitely put you in her good books:

1. Pendants

Jewellery is one of the most thoughtful presents that you can give to a woman. But even jewellery has so many options, so your best bet would be to get her a pendant. An elegant pendant that can be worn at all times and shows your love for her. It’s a sweet gesture that can warm anyone’s heart.

2. Curling Iron

When giving a present, most women appreciate it if you give them something that they can use. Instead of gifting her a decoration piece, give her a curling iron. Sounds too basic? Think again! Get the best hair curling wands for her, and she’ll be over the moon guaranteed, of course, if she already doesn’t have one.

3. Massage Gun

There’s nothing like a relaxing massage after a long day at work. Most women would appreciate it if you got them a massage gun. You can always opt for mini electric massage guns that are lightweight and easy to carry. It’s a practical gift that will earn you some extra brownie points for sure.

4. Plush Toys

If your special lady loves squishy plush toys, then Christmas is the perfect time to gift them one. Based on her personal preferences, you should choose a toy that she can keep at her side when she goes to bed or watches TV.

5. Temperature Control Coffee Mugs

If she loves her teas and coffee, get her a temperature control mug. It’s new, innovative, and not to mention useful. As the name implies, temperature control coffee mugs allow you to control the drink’s temperature by using your phone. Once the temperature has been set, it stays that way throughout the day—a smart mug for a smart lady.

6. Ice Rollers

Skincare is essential for women, and if your special someone loves to invest in good skincare products, why not get her something of use? You can get her an ice roller. It’s kept in the freezer, and once it sets to a specific temperature, it is used onto the face. Ice rollers can stimulate blood flow, decrease redness, and reduce puffiness.

7. Customized Horoscope Books

If she swears by horoscopes, get her a customized horoscope book for her birth date. This book will not only contain the details of her horoscope, but it will also have birth charts about her past, present and future.

8. Polaroid Camera

Get her an instant Polaroid camera to capture memories instantly. A Polaroid camera allows you to get a printed picture instantly. It’s an excellent gift for Christmas, and it would be a bonus if she loves taking pictures.

9. Cookie Cutters

If she loves baking, get her cookie cutters. Chances are she already has some; find out which one’s she doesn’t have. You can pick interesting shapes and even get them customized to make the present more meaningful. It’s simple yet helpful. These are qualities of a perfect Christmas present.

10. DIY Presents

Instead of shopping for a present, make one. Most women appreciate the small gestures, and DIY presents are just heartwarming. If you’re creative enough, you can make a present for her. Just grab a USB and fill it up with all her favourite movies and songs that she can watch and listen to when she’s bored or just needs to relax.

If you’re good at painting, you can make a customized painting just for her. It would be more personal and meaningful than any other present. A home-cooked dinner with a DIY present would be the cherry on top.

Final Thoughts

What might be the perfect present for someone might not be the same for someone else. So if you want to give her the best Christmas present, find out what she loves and, more importantly, what she dislikes. Once you have this information, you can quickly get the perfect Christmas present for her.